Zachary Turner

Zachary Turner

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First Name * Zachary
Last Name * Turner
Username * speranza87
Country * USA
City St. Louis
Nationality United States
Languages English



Availability: Freelance


I studied classical painting and architectural design for 2 years before finding 3D art. Falling in love with the art form, I transferred to Full Sail University and graduated with a B.A. in Computer Animation. I Love the artistic freedom I can find within the compositions I can create, traditional & digital.

I have an avid appreciation for fine art and wish to further pursue my education with a (MFA) in painting.

- Environment Modeling (Film & Game)
- Set Extension
- Hard surface Modeling
- Lighting
- Texturing/Surfacing
- Animation
- Compositing
- 2D & 3D illustration
- Design
- Architectural Rendering